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Solution Media and InfoTech Limited acquires new state of the art equipment  and expertise at Palme 2012.

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Solution Media and InfoTech Ltd, the flagship of media and entertainment in Nigeria and West Africa acquires more exciting state of the art equipment at the PALME Middle East Exhibition in Dubai. In our continuous evolution towards excellence in media and entertainment in Nigeria and on the African continent.

In order to fortify our sound prowess and expertise, SMIL acquired the new JBL Vertec series with its Amplifiers and Splitters, the new JBL VTX series speakers, Jackaroo pro audio testing device and audio computer interface with extreme REAC cable measuring over 120m, DPA microphones, Radial DI boxes and the triple driver earphone detachable system just to mention a few. Our staff also embarked on the Smaart live training held at the Novotel World Trade centre, Dubai. Smaart live V7 is a software used for diagnosing and correcting anomalies in sound rein enforcement systems based on their audio frequency response. It analyses audio parameters beyond what the human hearing sense can decipher. A good understanding of these analysis helps our experts in taking appropriate steps in assembling all our sound system accessories together to create a complete tool for optimization, tuning and alignment of the audio system to ensures that our audio system sounds at its best.

Just like air to man , sound and light are the soul of every event. This is why SMIL has also continuously upgraded its light capacity with the latest in the world of moving head lights, led screen and Pan-Can lights. Between CABSAT and PALME, SMIL has acquired more than you can imagine.

The Phantom

The Phantom is a transparent LED video screen from GLEC (Phantom) with a minimized frame rate and 1 pixel minimum offset distance between frames vertically and horizontally that produces totally bright and brilliant imagines even during day time. It total transparency allows audio, wind and light to pass through it without interference and its 1m x 1m frames click together to any size and shape, even into unconnected screen surfaces. Very large screens of the phantom are light enough to hang on trusses and even trucks without special re-enforcement of stage or building. With each unit of the screen measuring a square meter, SMIL currently boast of 100 units of this LED wonder.

P4 LED Display Screen

Our P4 rated LED display screen gives you High Definition (HD) Resolution display output both indoor and outdoor, turning your events to a multiple spectacle of high quality display of pictures and videos. With over 44 units of 1m x 1m of HD display, SMIL provides you with screen options of 4m x11m which can be broken down into smaller units that fits your display needs and possess such flexibility that gives you more display options than ever.

LED Moving Head

With our already robust bank of show lights from Robe, AVoLite and other world class manufacturers of light equipments, SMIL recently acquired the newest moving head technology from Robe with our recent purchase of 84units of Robin 100. Robe's super fast ROBIN® 100 LEDBeam is the ultimate effects lighting tool, it was unveiled at the Prolight and sound 2012 exhibition and has since then taken over the stages. A highly optimized motorized control produces speedy pan and tilt movement that places it in a class of its own. with different colour chases, and the extra punchy seven degree beam angle amplified with fast strobing.

Glossy Stage

Our new state of the art, electronic indoor stage with fine glossy finish makes every presentation a noteworthy memory in the heart of your audience. The glassy arcs, lighted panes and stairs readily creates a classy and tasteful professional ambience.