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We render complete turn-key solutions for multimedia laser shows, Cinematography, documentary and post-production (Final cut), Large & Screen Printing. We are the first choice of Corporate and multinational organizations for Product lunch, Award Nights, Concerts and State Carnivals.

3DAnimation / Laser Multimedia Display

Laser lights are electromagnetic rays with significant coherent nature that produces a narrow beam, which allows the use of optical scanning to draw patterns or images on walls, ceilings, water screens or other surfaces including theatrical smoke and fog for corporate presentations and mega events. With our lab-grade components, Laser lights becomes highly sophisticated and ULTRA-BRIGHT as it utilizes the Post-Collimated Scanning & polarization techniques to increase laser brightness to about 900% against the conventional laser systems.

We combine artistic graphics of moving objects with laser beams to produce both photorealistic and non-photorealistic(expressive styles) three dimensional (3D) animations that project the width, length and depth views of an object as obtainable in a real-live scenario, unlike the common two-dimensional arts that present only one-directional paper view. Laser Animation describes how graphic objects move and deform with laser beams over time.


We package standard and quality documentaries, film production and all forms commercials. Our professional state of the art multimedia studios can compete anywhere in the world, as they are equipped with the latest in media technology, making it possible to demonstrate, pre-program and rehearse even large shows under realistic conditions. Solution MIL also handles:

  • Product Launch
  • Corporate Presentations and Awards
  • Concerts
  • Inaugural ceremonies
  • Rebranding

Show Light Display

In SMIL, you will find a large image projector that transforms the surface of its target to assume the desired image, design or logo shot on it. It can be shot on high rise building, tents, interior or exterior of halls or any wide and large surface area. It projects at 30mx30m and even more, call it SMIL PRO when next you ask about it.
Phantom Screen, a double effect digital screen and light for widescreen image and video displays up to 100 Square meters. It creates a general aesthetic sight of live transmission with magnificent illumination indoor or outdoor.
Moving Heads are no longer strange to many but for the high intensity moving spot, wash light with colourful effects, wide angle and long throw lenses that SMIL has makes it unique. SMIL can create customized lighting effects of logo and designs for individuals, corporate organizations and have the moving heads throw them about.

Show Tents

These are unique set of tents ranging from 86m x 50m, 36m x 16m, 18m x18m, 10m x10m and so much more. It is connected together by tunnels hereby having everything you need at same venue such as changing &resting room, dinner &conference/Church services .e.t.c., all at same place without having to move from place to place.
These are in different adoring colors with over 2,000 cinema sitters and 500 banquet chairs & tables, beautiful flooring with rugs, the newest water-base air-conditioning technology giving the best cooling effect, fabric & velcro back drapes with a big light box to display text/images.

Music Water Fountain

This is a mobile music water fountain having several water jets with the flow orchestrated with the rhythm of the music in an amazing way. It is applicable to exhibitions, events, weddings, celebrations, birthday parties, and garden, shopping malls, gardens and other similar events. Solution Media deploys one of the largest mobile fountain systems consisting of several individually controllable water jets with a height of up to 20 meters and 50 meters long, as well as 20 fire effects, while approx. 90 high-powered searchlight-type light fixtures, fireworks and 40 line array sound systems.

Water Screen Projection Media

Water screens are amazing projection surfaces used as supports for projection of different media like high power video and laser beams. The images appear to float magically in front of the audience, enhanced by the captivating effect of genuine water flowing in front of them. It is composed of millions of water drops which then make up a thin film of water that offers a unique and imposing show. This makes it a favorite support for leisure parks and big events. It has no need for supporting frames.

Digital Printing

We engage in various digital fanciful printing arts on ceramic tiles, mugs, rocks, photo crystals, aluminium plates, acrylic awards materials, T-shirt, and caps.

  • Large Format Prints
  • Rock Photo Prints
  • Heat Transfer Prints

In general, we develop the overall show concept including the show design and technical layout.