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Tents Unit

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    We at Solution Media and InfoTech Limited bring to you "The Tent City".

    These are unique set of tents ranging from 110m x 60m, 46m x 46m,36m x 16m,18m x18m,10m x10m and so much more. It is connected together by tunnels hereby having everything you need at same venue such as changing &resting room, dinner &conference/Church services .e.t.c., all at same place without having to move from place to place.

    These are in different adoring colors with over 2,000 cinema sitters and 500 banquet chairs & tables, beautiful flooring with rugs, the newest water-base air-conditioning technology giving the best cooling effect, fabric & velcro back drapes with a big light box to display text/images.

    It's membrane is made up of polyester PVC 850g/m2 , weather resistant, double coating, non-light admitting to allow a dark room, creating a cinema feel. Tent City can be used for dinner & parties, corporate event & Launch, Inaugurations, Political ceremony, Seminar & Conferences, Retreat & Church services .e.t.c.

  • Specification of the 110m x 60m Tent

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    In Solution Media and InfoTech Limited, we want to satisfy our clients and give the best they can ever imagine. Our 110m x 60m has a capacity of 19,000 guests at concerts, while we can have 5,000 banquet seating at parties with beautiful ambience of creative decorations. We also can reduce this size to match our clients' demand, from this tent we can reduce size to 60m x 60m and 60m x 85m. (Click here for pictures)

    @ 110m x 60m
    1.Space - 6.350m2
    2.Complete Height - 27m
    3.Height at center- 17m
    4.Height at side- 6m
    5.Guest capacity- 19,000 (concerts arrangement); 7,500(banquet seating)

    @ 60m x 60m
    1.Space- 3.350m2
    2. Complete Height- 27m
    3. Height at center - 17m
    4.Height at side- 6m
    5.Guest capacity- 9,500(concerts arrangement);4,000(banquet seating)

    @ 60m x 85m

    1.Space- 4.850m2
    2.Complete Height- 27m
    3.Height at center - 17m
    4.Height at side- 6m
    5.Guest capacity- 14,500(concerts arrangement); 6,000(banquet seating)

  • Specification of the 46m x 46m and 36m x 16m Tent

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    Installation of 46m x 46m & 36m x 36m at LANDMARK VILLAGE,ONIRU ESTATE,VICTORIA ISLAND,LAGOS.

    46M X 46M (orange colour in the picture view) Space: 3969m2
    1. Complete Height - 26m
    2. Height at center- 18m
    3. Height at side- 5.50m
    4.Guest capacity- 4000 guest while 2,500(banquet seating)

    36m x 16m (Yellow colour in the picture view)
    Space: 1125m2

    1. Complete Height- 15m
    2. Height at center - 10m
    3.Height at side- 3m


  • Specification of the 18m x 18m and 10m x 10m

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    18m x 18m
    1. Complete Height - 13.75m
    2. Height at the center - 10.20
    3. Height at side - 3m
    4. Guest capacity - 200

    10m x 10m
    1.Complete Height - 7.50m
    2.Height at the center-6m
    3. Height at side-3m
    4.Guest capacity-100


  • Tent Setup